Penhalonga Gold Project

The Penhalonga Gold Project consists of a number of shear and vein hosted gold deposits along the southern side of the Penhalonga Valley covering an area of approximately 1.8km2, including the historic Battersea Gold Mine and the dormant Penhalonga Gold Mine, 5km north of Mutare. It is situated in the Mutare Greenstone Belt which extends eastward into Mozambique. In terms of gold production per unit area, the Mutare Greenstone Belt at 122kg Au/km2 is one of the richest belts within Zimbabwe. Historical production from the Penhalonga valley between 1897 and 1937 amounted to: Gold 1.3m oz, Silver 1.6m oz, Lead 7,258 tonnes and Copper 5.2 tonnes. Prospect also owns a number of lead tenements within the Mutare Greenstone Belt.